At 2:45 am on October 12th, Beijing time, a match of the century in the third round of the A-level Group C of the European League of Nations officially kicked off. The last World Cup champion France (currently ranked No. 2 in the world) will sit at home and defend the European League. Champion and also the last European Cup winner Portugal (currently ranked 5th in the world).


Before this game, both teams had won 2 consecutive victories in the UEFA Europa League. The victory of this game determined the ownership of the top spot. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that Portugal and France have met since the 2016 European Cup final 4 years ago. I believe that everyone will not forget that game. Portugal defeated France 1-0 in overtime. Win the European Cup.


In terms of starting, the lineups of both teams are star-studded, especially for the French team. Deschamps sent Mbappé, Griezmann, and Giroud to form the trident in the front court; the midfielder consists of Pogba, Kanter, Rabiot sits down.


French debut


For the Portuguese team, the old coach Santos also almost sent the strongest lineup, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Felix on the striker teaming up, and the midfielder also has two man midfielder core B seats (Bernardo Silva) and B Fei (Bruno Fernandez) led.


Portugal starting


In the first half, the two teams played fiercely. At the very beginning, Portuguese defender Diaz elbowed Giroud while defending. Giroud suffered a head injury and bloodied the battlefield! The smell of the game's gunpowder came up at once.

上半场,两队比赛激烈。刚开始,葡萄牙后卫迪亚兹(Diaz)在防守时肘住了吉鲁(Giroud)。 Giroud头部受伤,在战场上流血流血!游戏的火药味立刻浮现。

But Giroud remained on the court after being bandaged, and he was unwilling to end the game like this.


Subsequently, the two sides fell into a stalemate in the midfield and both refused to give each other. The Portuguese team passed the ball more smoothly, but there was no threatening attack. On the contrary, it is the French team. Although the possession rate is not as good as that of Portugal, it can create a threat or two. Mbappe and Griezman are very active in the frontcourt.


In the first half, the two teams drew a goalless draw. From the technical statistics, Portugal did have the upper hand in possession of the ball and passed more passes. But the frontcourt Ronaldo, Felix and others have few opportunities.


In the second half, the French team stepped up their offensive. The Portuguese defense was frequently in urgency. Mbappe relied on his personal ability to penetrate the Portuguese defense, but the goal was successfully blocked by goalkeeper Patricio.


Subsequently, the two sides stalemate again, but failed to break the deadlock. In the 75th minute, Portugal had a chance to complete the lore. Guerrero’s free kick found Pepe. Pepe headed the goal. It was a pity that he was offside. From a slow motion point of view, Pepe’s offside difference was a little bit worse. .

随后,双方再次陷入僵局,但未能打破僵局。在第75分钟,葡萄牙有机会完成绝杀。格雷罗的任意球找到佩佩。佩佩(Pepe)进球。可惜他越位了。从慢动作的角度来看,佩佩的越位差异更糟。 。

In stoppage time, Cristiano Ronaldo missed the chance to kill, and his shot was blocked by Lori and hit the post to pop out!

在补时阶段,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)错过了杀人的机会,而他的射门被洛里(Lori)挡住,撞上门柱弹出了!


Ronaldo, who missed the lore, was very upset and shook his head helplessly.


In the end, neither side made any achievements. France drew 0-0 at home with Portugal. The confrontation between the two strong teams ended in a tie. In the standings, the two teams had the same 7 points, but Portugal beat France with a goal difference advantage and temporarily ranked First in the standings. The French team also has no way to avenge Portugal's four-year defeat of the European Cup in front of its own goal. The second round of the two teams will go to Portugal at home.


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