好运彩票-苹果刚刚发布了近两年最值得买的 iPhone

Good morning~


About a month ago, Apple held an autumn conference and updated Apple Watch, iPad, iPad Air and other products. Only the iPhone, which everyone was looking forward to, was not updated, which attracted countless complaints. . .

大约一个月前,苹果公司召开了秋季会议,并更新了Apple Watch,iPad,iPad Air和其他产品。只有所有人都期待的iPhone没有更新,这引起了无数抱怨。 。 。

So in the past month, there have been endless revelations about the second Apple Autumn Conference in October. Until the National Day, a poster made everyone hang down.


At 1:00 in the morning, the press conference started on time, and Apple also maintained its consistent style against the background of this year's epidemic. In the empty Apple Park, big bosses including Cooke were in front of the camera to talk about new products.


Cook standing in the center of the empty theater stage▼


This conference has successively released HomePod mini, 4 iPhone 12 series phones, and some accessories.

本次会议已陆续发布了HomePod mini,4部iPhone 12系列手机以及一些配件。

Not much gossip, let’s talk about the iPhone 12 that everyone is most concerned about.

闲话不多,让我们谈谈每个人最关心的iPhone 12。

A variety of iPhone 12

各种iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 series released four new models in one go, which are exactly the same as the previous ones, namely the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12系列一口气发布了四款新型号,与之前的型号完全相同,即iPhone 12 mini,iPhone 12,iPhone 12 Pro和iPhone 12 Pro Max。

Compared with iPhone 11, the biggest appearance change of the new iPhone this time is that they have all changed.

与iPhone 11相比,这次新iPhone最大的外观变化是它们都已改变。

The iPhone 12 series can be said to be the biggest change in appearance since the iPhone became a full screen, giving people a renaissance feel.

iPhone 12系列可以说是自iPhone变成全屏以来外观上最大的变化,给人一种复兴的感觉。

However, the bad reviewer and the company's colleagues think that the iPhone 12 is changed and looks better.

但是,糟糕的审阅者和该公司的同事认为iPhone 12已更改且外观更好。

The configuration upgrade of iPhone 12 is remarkable, such as the A14 bionic chip, wide-angle + ultra-wide-angle lens dual camera combination, 5G network, super ceramic panel, Super Retina XDR screen, Dolby Vision video and MagSafe magnetic attraction and many more.

iPhone 12的配置升级非常出色,例如A14仿生芯片,广角+超广角镜头双摄像头组合,5G网络,超级陶瓷面板,Super Retina XDR屏幕,杜比视界视频以及MagSafe磁吸力和还有很多。

Among them, the 5G network has finally arrived late. Cook is enthusiastically introducing the 5G network, saying how fast and powerful the iPhone 12 5G is.

其中,5G网络终于来晚了。库克热情地介绍了5G网络,他说iPhone 12 5G有多快和强大。

Although Apple's pace is a bit slow, it feels that this year's 5G does not have any major advances, so this wave of Apple's operations can also be said to be late, but it has arrived.


Apple said that iPhone 12 is cooperating with carrier Verizon, and the peak download speed can reach 3.5GB per second.

苹果表示,iPhone 12正在与运营商Verizon合作,峰值下载速度可以达到每秒3.5GB。

As for domestic operators, Yusanjia is well established, so don't worry too much about it.


Taking into account the increase in power consumption after using 5G, the battery capacity of the iPhone may cause battery life. Apple has added an intelligent 5G function:


Automatically recognize whether 5G is required, and automatically switch to the LTE network if it is not necessary.


In the application scenario, you can use the iPhone 12 to watch seven different perspectives of a live game at the same time. Although this kind of game viewing experience is indeed very realistic, the traffic is not about to take off. . .

在应用场景中,您可以使用iPhone 12同时观看实时游戏的七个不同视角。尽管这种游戏观看体验确实非常现实,但是流量并不会开始增长。 。 。

Apple also said that with 5G, you can collaborate online in real-time through AR. When your partner arranges the device, you can check the device's location in real time and make adjustments, which improves efficiency and greatly reduces costs.


Since North American operators use millimeter wave technology for 5G, and our operators mainly prefer Sub-6, the version of iPhone 12 sold in North America will be different from other regions. If you want to buy an overseas version, you need to pay more attention.

由于北美运营商将毫米波技术用于5G,并且我们的运营商主要偏爱Sub-6,因此在北美销售的iPhone 12版本将与其他地区有所不同。如果要购买海外版本,则需要更多注意。

At the press conference, Apple found the mobile version of "League of Legends" and told everyone that the iPhone 12 is the best device to play the mobile version of LOL. The powerful A14 processor and the fast 5G network are very fast.

在新闻发布会上,苹果公司发现了移动版的《英雄联盟》,并告诉所有人,iPhone 12是玩LOL移动版的最佳设备。强大的A14处理器和快速的5G网络非常快。

In terms of screen, the iPhone 12 series uses a material called super-ceramic panel. Although it is also made by Corning, Apple said that this material is very strong and has 4 times the anti-fall ability. To put it bluntly, it is very hard.

在屏幕方面,iPhone 12系列使用称为超级陶瓷面板的材料。苹果公司表示,尽管它也是康宁公司制造的,但这种材料非常坚固,具有4倍的抗摔能力。坦率地说,这很难。

The screen of the iPhone 12 series adopts a display technology called Super Retina XDR, which has improved contrast and color accuracy. To put it plainly, it is very clear.

iPhone 12系列的屏幕采用了称为Super Retina XDR的显示技术,该技术提高了对比度和色彩精度。简而言之,这很清楚。

This time, Apple brought the well-received MagSafe function on the Mac back to its mobile phone. While unlocking the new wireless charging position, it also released some new accessories. Let’s talk about this later.


The next product immediately raised the interest of colleagues-iPhone 12 mini.

下一款产品立即引起了同事的关注-iPhone 12 mini。

Although its screen size is 5.4 inches, the overall size is a bit smaller than the new iPhone SE.

尽管其屏幕尺寸为5.4英寸,但总体尺寸还是比新款iPhone SE小。

Although the size has become smaller, the configuration of the iPhone 12 mini has not shrunk in the slightest (except for the battery and no dual cards), and the rest of the configuration is all on par with the iPhone 12.

尽管尺寸变小了,但iPhone 12 mini的配置并未丝毫缩水(电池和没有双卡的除外),其余配置与iPhone 12相当。

Because the screen quality has not shrunk at the same time, the pixel density of the iPhone 12 mini has increased, which is the same as the operation of the iPad mini.

由于屏幕质量没有同时下降,因此iPhone 12 mini的像素密度增加了,这与iPad mini的操作相同。

In this era when mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, fewer and fewer manufacturers are still making small-sized flagship mobile phones. The bad reviewer was moved to tears: the holding experience thrown into the corner by a group of mobile phone manufacturers is still The apple was picked up.


In fact, think about it carefully. Isn't this the same as the expectations of the iPhone SE2 before it was released?

实际上,请仔细考虑。这与iPhone SE2发行前的期望不一样吗?

With the basic model, there are naturally also upgraded models.


For the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, the screen size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max model has been increased to 6.7 inches, and the placement of the two phones has also improved, such as an additional telephoto camera and LiDAR on the iPad Pro Lidar scanner.

对于iPhone 12 Pro和iPhone 12 Pro Max,iPhone 12 Pro Max型号的屏幕尺寸已增加到6.7英寸,并且两部手机的放置位置也得到了改善,例如在iPad上增加了长焦摄像头和LiDAR。 Pro Lidar扫描仪。

Apple officially stated that the iPhone 12 Pro uses "surgical grade stainless steel", resulting in the color of the frame is also very Pro, which has the taste of the local tyrants.

苹果官方表示,iPhone 12 Pro使用“手术级不锈钢”,导致边框的颜色也很Pro,这具有土豪的味道。

As the iPhone 12 series has made great progress in imaging, the bad reviewer decided to list the audio and video in a separate section.

由于iPhone 12系列在成像方面取得了长足的进步,因此糟糕的审阅者决定在单独的部分中列出音频和视频。

It is a pity that this time Apple did not choose to increase the high refresh screen that Android manufacturers have popularized this year.


Moreover, as far as Apple’s battery capacity is concerned, the endurance of 5G + high screen refresh can hardly be imagined. . .

此外,就苹果的电池容量而言,很难想象5G +高屏幕刷新的耐用性。 。 。

So after the press conference, colleagues using Samsung are not so interested in the iPhone 12 again, because once the 120Hz refresh rate screen is used, it really won’t go back.

因此,在发布会之后,使用三星的同事对iPhone 12不再那么感兴趣,因为一旦使用了120Hz刷新率屏幕,它实际上就不会返回。

The charging head and wired earphones will no longer be provided in the packaging box of the iPhone 12 series, and the entire packaging has been squashed. Apple's reason is to contribute to environmental protection. . .

iPhone 12系列的包装盒中将不再提供充电头和有线耳机,整个包装都被压扁了。苹果的原因是为环境保护做出了贡献。 。 。

The bad reviewer also mentioned their weight, the iPhone 12 mini turned out to be only 133 grams.

糟糕的评论者还提到了它们的重量,iPhone 12 mini的重量仅为133克。

This is the lightest 5G flagship phone you can buy. There is no one. Even the Samsung Galaxy S20 costs 163 grams. This is called the grip. . .

这是您可以购买的最轻的5G旗舰手机。那里没人。即使是三星Galaxy S20也要163克。这称为抓地力。 。 。

The weight of iPhone 12 is also well controlled, only 162 grams; iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are 187 grams and 226 grams respectively.

iPhone 12的重量也得到了很好的控制,仅为162克; iPhone 12 Pro和iPhone 12 Pro Max分别为187克和226克。

In terms of price, the iPhone 12 mini 64GB starts at 5499 yuan, and the iPhone 12 64GB starts at 6299 yuan.

价格方面,iPhone 12 mini 64GB起价为5499元,iPhone 12 64GB起价为6299元。

The memory of the iPhone 12 Pro starts with 128GB of storage. The iPhone 12 Pro starts at 8499 yuan and the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at 9299 yuan.

iPhone 12 Pro的内存始于128GB的存储空间。 iPhone 12 Pro的起价为8499元,iPhone 12 Pro Max的起价为9299元。

Imaging system with too much toothpaste


In the opinion of the bad reviewer, Apple has been taking a steady and steady route in iPhone photography these years.


The reason is simple. When friends and businessmen are chasing me on the road with high pixels and ultra-large bottoms, the iPhone 11 is still polishing the 1200W pixel camera since the iPhone 6s last year.

原因很简单。自从去年的iPhone 6s以来,当朋友和商人在高像素和超大底部的路上追逐我时,iPhone 11仍在抛光1200W像素相机。

The joy of cropping photos and shooting the moon is Android. The iPhone has nothing. Even triple-camera and night mode phones are long overdue.

裁剪照片和拍摄月球的乐趣好运彩票是Android。 iPhone什么都没有。即使是三摄相机和夜间模式手机,也早就该推出了。

In other words, when Apple upgraded the iPhone's camera function in recent years, it was indeed suspected of squeezing toothpaste.


However, at today's Apple autumn conference, the bad reviewer wanted to say that Apple finally started to zoom in on taking pictures!


Let me talk about the camera configuration of the four iPhone 12.

让我说说四部iPhone 12的相机配置。

The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 continue to use the ultra-wide-angle + wide-angle dual-camera combination on the iPhone 11, and both cameras support night mode.

iPhone 12 mini和iPhone 12继续在iPhone 11上使用超广角+广角双摄像头组合,并且两个摄像头均支持夜间模式。

The pixels are still the ancestral 1200W, but their main camera aperture has suddenly increased from the original f1.8 to the current f1.6, and equipped with a new 7-lens camera.


This also means that in the future we can use the iPhone to take clearer and brighter photos in low light environments.


The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are based on the ultra-wide-angle + wide-angle + telephoto triple camera, and add a 2020 iPad Pro with the same LiDAR lidar scanner.

iPhone 12 Pro和iPhone 12 Pro Max基于超广角+广角+远摄三合一相机,并添加了具有相同LiDAR激光雷达扫描仪的2020 iPad Pro。

The addition of the lidar scanner has directly increased the focus speed of the iPhone in low-light environments by six times.


It should be noted that the telephoto focal length of the iPhone 12 Pro is 52mm, which supports 4x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom; the telephoto focal length of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is increased to 65mm, and supports up to 5x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom. Digital zoom, the sensor area of ​​the wide-angle camera is 47% larger.

需要注意的是,iPhone 12 Pro的远摄焦距为52mm,支持4倍光学变焦和10倍数字变焦。 iPhone 12 Pro Max的远摄​​焦距增加到65mm,并支持高达5倍的光学变焦和12倍的数字变焦。数码变焦,广角相机的感应面积大47%。

Ok. . . The above are almost the hardware parameters of the iPhone 12's camera. At first glance, don't the friends think that the iPhone 12 seems to be no upgrade compared to the iPhone 11?

好。 。 。以上几乎是iPhone 12相机的硬件参数。乍一看,朋友难道不认为iPhone 12与iPhone 11相比没有升级吗?

Don't worry, the next bad reviewer will introduce these are the powerful aspects of iPhone 12 camera.

不用担心,下一位糟糕的评论者将介绍这些是iPhone 12相机强大的方面。

For example, Apple launched the Sensor-shift (sensor shift) OIS optical image stabilization system on the iPhone 12 Pro Max this time.

例如,苹果这次在iPhone 12 Pro Max上推出了Sensor-shift(传感器移位)OIS光学防抖系统。

Unlike other mobile phone OIS optical image stabilization by moving the lens to offset the anti-shake, it directly moves the entire imaging sensor, and can be fine-tuned at a frequency of 5,000 times per second, so as to offset the jitter more thoroughly .


This technology was only available on high-end cameras before, who would have thought that Apple directly moved it to mobile phones!


Not only that, Apple kept doing the same and added more professional Apple ProRAW format photo shooting to the iPhone 12 Pro. The key is that its RAW shooting process is not the same as other cameras or mobile phones.

不仅如此,Apple一直在这样做,并在iPhone 12 Pro中添加了更专业的Apple ProRAW格式照片拍摄。关键在于其RAW拍摄过程与其他相机或手机不同。

Let me put it this way. . .

让我这样说吧。 。 。

Usually, after taking photos in RAW format with a camera, you can only import the photos to the computer first, and then use professional retouching software such as LR or PS to perform multi-frame noise reduction and other post-processing on them. Adjustment.


The iPhone 12 Pro can call noise reduction and multi-frame exposure algorithms when shooting RAW. After the shot is taken, we can directly edit the RAW format photos in the built-in photo app. This is the second time the threshold of photography has been lowered. less.

在拍摄RAW时,iPhone 12 Pro可以调用降噪和多帧曝光算法。拍摄完照片后,我们可以在内置照片应用程序中直接编辑RAW格式的照片。这是第二次降低摄影门槛。减。

In addition, iPhone 12 is also the first mobile phone that can record Dolby Vision HDR video. The video can have up to 4K resolution and a frame rate of 60 frames per second. It is also the first mobile phone that can edit Dolby Vision video. Cell phone.

此外,iPhone 12也是第一款可以录制杜比视界HDR视频的手机。视频可以具有高达4K的分辨率和每秒60帧的帧速率。这也是第一款可以编辑杜比视界视频的手机。手机。

It doesn't matter if you don't understand the previous series of professional terms. As long as you know that this video function is not achievable by other manufacturers' hard-stack camera parameters, the performance of the mobile phone processor must also keep up, otherwise everything is unnecessary.


To be honest, the bad reviewer thought that Apple would follow the battlefield opened up by Android phones on the camera to surpass other friends.


Never thought that Guoguo would completely ignore their gameplay, but set a new benchmark on its original main battlefield, waiting for other mobile phone manufacturers to slowly catch up. . .

从来没有想过,Guoguo会完全忽略他们的游戏玩法,而是在其最初的主战场上设定了新的基准,等待其他手机制造商慢慢赶上。 。 。

And MagSafe accessories


In terms of accessories, this time Apple has updated a HomePod mini. It looks like it wants to make some new tricks in the smart home.

在配件方面,这次苹果更新了HomePod mini。看起来它想在智能家居中做出一些新的技巧。

Unexpectedly, this gadget left a deep impression on the bad reviewer as soon as it debuted. The shape of HomePod mini is not a cylinder like its big brother HomePod, but a squat design in the shape of a lampshade.

出乎意料的是,这个小工具一推出就给不良评论者留下了深刻的印象。 HomePod mini的形状不像其大哥HomePod那样呈圆柱状,而是采用灯罩形状的蹲式设计。

Some people say it looks like a red Fuji apple wrapped in plastic, which is very vivid.


In contrast, HomePod mini has reduced its sound unit to two and is equipped with the latest S5 chip, which is the same as the one used on the fifth generation of Apple Watch.

相比之下,HomePod mini的声音单元减少到了两个,并配备了最新的S5芯片,该芯片与第五代Apple Watch上使用的芯片相同。

The sound is definitely not as loud as Big Brother, but it has every function.


It can even play today’s best


HomePod mini can not only form a two-channel stereo, but also supports UWB (Ultra Wide Band) function.

HomePod mini不仅可以形成两声道立体声,而且还支持UWB(超宽带)功能。

Simply put, this function is when the iPhone is close to the HomePod speaker, if you play a song on the iPhone, it will automatically vibrate and pass the sound to the HomePod.


There is a feeling of throwing the sound from the mobile phone on the speaker. If you have friends with iPhone and HomePod, you can try it at home now. The experience is amazing.


And when you want to go out, you can also point your phone to the HomePod that is playing music, and then the music will stop and continue playing on your AirPods.


According to Apple, you can feel that the products are truly connected in a physical dimension.


Combined with Siri, HomePod mini can distinguish the voices and requirements of everyone in the family, and you can install App on your iPhone or iPad, send messages, query calendars, make calls, etc., and experience the ecological leverage.

与Siri结合使用,HomePod mini可以区分家庭中每个人的声音和要求,您可以在iPhone或iPad上安装App,发送消息,查询日历,拨打电话等,并体验生态杠杆作用。

If you want to go to a nearby restaurant, after asking Siri at home, the navigation information can also be synchronized to CarPlay the first time.


In the smart home scene, we won’t talk about basic operations like lights and home appliances. The function Apple mentioned here is called Intercom, which is quite ingenious.


In the demonstration, from the CarPlay in the host’s car to the iPad in the child’s room, to the hostess who is doing yoga with Apple Watch, everyone’s life scenes can communicate seamlessly.

在演示中,从主持人汽车中的CarPlay到儿童房中的iPad,再到使用Apple Watch进行瑜伽练习的女主人,每个人的生活场景都可以无缝交流。

As long as you have an Apple device around your family, you can use Siri to notify everyone in real time, similar to an advanced walkie-talkie, which is more convenient for a family living together than making a phone call.


The HomePod mini is priced at 749 yuan, which is still a bit expensive for a smart terminal, but it is a fairly friendly entry-level model in Apple audio-visual equipment, and it is designed to encourage you to put a few more at home.

HomePod mini的价格为749元,对于智能终端来说还是有点贵,但是它是Apple视听设备中相当友好的入门级型号,它旨在鼓励您多加一些钱。家。

In addition, Apple also released a new MagSafe charger and its accessories.


This is a new charging solution given by Apple after cutting off the charging head in the package, just like it introduced the AirPods routine after cutting off the 3.5mm headphone jack.


Speaking of this MagSafe magnetic interface technology, Laoguo powder is really snot and tears. The excellent user experience on the old Macbook that year did not want to be replaced by the C port with the 2016 facelift of the Macbook.


It’s hard to calm how many fans are concerned about this. Now, on the iPhone 12, the refreshing experience that MagSafe used to inhale and charge the device with just one click has returned.

很难平静有多少粉丝对此表示关注。现在,好运彩票在iPhone 12上,MagSafe只需单击一下就可以吸入并为设备充电,带来了令人耳目一新的体验。

It’s just that the bad reviewer still has some doubts whether it can continue to be passed on well, because MagSafe accessories are very expensive. . .

糟糕的审阅者仍然对它是否可以继续很好地传递存有疑问,因为MagSafe附件非常昂贵。 。 。

Just such a small MagSafe charger, asking price 329 yuan. . .

就是这么小的MagSafe充电器,要价329元。 。 。

But it has to be said that this mode of magnetic charging at the back is quite cool. It gets rid of the embarrassment of traditional wireless charging that needs to be placed on the table. It can also be used while charging like wired without worrying about the coil position Alignment issues.


However, this MagSafe charger has not been able to magnetically attract models before iPhone 12. In order to be compatible with this magnetic attraction, the iPhone 12 series deliberately buried a corresponding magnet array in the machine.

但是,这种MagSafe充电器无法以磁性方式吸引iPhone 12之前的型号。为了与这种磁性吸引力兼容,iPhone 12系列故意将相应的磁铁阵列埋入了机器中。

If the iPhone in your hand is not the iPhone12 series, MagSafe can only be used as a wireless charger without magnetic function.


This magnet is not only used for MagSafe, it is also suitable for the various official magnetic mobile phone protective cases. You only need to attach it gently when installing it. Compared with the previous operation of forcing the phone into the case, it is more elegant At least several grades.


Of course, you can also buy a third-party wireless charger to use it yourself. After all, iPhone12 also supports the mainstream Qi charging protocol, but Qi only supports 7.5W charging power, which is half smaller than the 15W MagSafe.

当然,您也可以购买第三方无线充电器以自己使用。毕竟,iPhone12还支持主流的Qi充电协议,但Qi仅支持7.5W充电功率,比15W MagSafe小一半。

Write at the end


This year's iPhone 12 series update is quite sincere in terms of materials. In addition to high screen refresh and battery capacity, the pile of materials and functions that should be squeezed are all available.

就材料而言,今年的iPhone 12系列更新非常诚恳。除了高屏幕刷新率和电池容量外,还应提供应压缩的材料和功能。

The four different iPhones basically cover most of the needs and itch points, and there are almost no regrettable shortcomings.


For example, the bad reviewer is a suitor who cares about holding a small-screen smart phone very much. If I consider updating an Apple phone, iPhone 12 mini will naturally become the first choice.

例如,不良评论者是一个求婚者,他非常在乎拿着小屏幕智能手机。如果我考虑更新Apple手机,iPhone 12 mini自然会成为首选。

The iPhone 12 mini, as the "most entry-level" small phone in the iPhone 12 series, has almost no difference in performance, screen quality, and even imaging system. There are many other small details such as ceramic screen and MagSafe, so you don't have to accept it. Some compromises.

iPhone 12 mini作为iPhone 12系列中“最入门级”的小型手机,其性能,屏幕质量甚至成像系统几乎没有差异。还有许多其他小细节,例如陶瓷屏幕和MagSafe,因此您不必接受它。一些妥协。

In short, while these 4 mobile phones are clearly distinguished, there are also few painful compromises. The purchase options for iPhone 12 are a lot more generous-4 models are enough for you to choose what you want.

简而好运彩票言之,尽管这4款手机已被清楚地区分,但也几乎没有痛苦的妥协。 iPhone 12的购买选项更加丰富-4型号足以让您选择想要的东西。

Speaking of which, when Apple cut off the earphones and charging heads that came with it at the press conference this year on the grounds of environmental protection, although the bad reviewers and the friends also felt that environmental protection was very important, they always felt that they started that set again. "Environmental ethics kidnapping" is quite uncomfortable. . .

说到这一点,当苹果公司在今年的新闻发布会上以环保为由切断与之配套的耳机和充电头时,尽管不好的评论者和朋友们也认为环保非常重要,但他们总觉得他们又重新开始了。 “环境伦理绑架”是相当不舒服的。 。 。

But then I saw something like this:


Compared with the iPhone 11 Pro of the same grade last year, the starting storage of the iPhone 12 Pro has jumped from 64G to 128G. At the same time, the starting price has dropped by 200 yuan, from 8,699 yuan to 8,499 yuan.

与去年同级别的iPhone 11 Pro相比,iPhone 12 Pro的起始存储空间已从64G跃升至128G。同时,起始价格从8699元降至8499元,降幅为200元。

emmm, it's not unprofitable to cut accessories. . . To put it bluntly, even if consumers don't care about environmental protection, it seems acceptable from the perspective of cost performance. (I guess everyone still has a charger in the drawer)

嗯,削减配件并非无利可图。 。 。坦率地说,即使消费者不关心环境保护,从成本效益的角度来看也似乎可以接受。 (我猜每个人在抽屉里还有一个充电器)

In this way, whether it is to become more generous in choice or to increase the quantity without increasing the price, the iPhone 12 series updated this year is indeed the most worth buying iPhone in the past two years.

这样,无论是变得更加宽容还是要增加数量而不增加价格,今年更新的iPhone 12系列确实是过去两年中最值得购买的iPhone。

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